Consultant to the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Agrochemical, Veterinary, Nutritional, Flavors and Fragrances and Fine Chemical industries in the following areas:

Chemical Science

  • Organic chemical synthesis and Chemical Process R&D.

  • Preparative organic synthesis and development of synthetic procedures which work on scale up.

  • Development of new and novel chemistries to solve difficult organic synthetic problems; development of patentable, novel IP for Chemapotheca's clients.

  • Analytical method design and development.

  • Expertise in Niche Chemistries (i.e.: Flow and Microfluidics Chemistries, High Potency chemistry, Preparative Photochemistry, High reactivity chemistry and Controlled Substances).

  • Chemical services resource for interactions with Biologists, Toxicologists, Formulations Scientists, Pharmacists, Environmental Scientists and Lawyers.

  • Analysis of scientific technology for possible financial investment.

  • Scientific literature searching, reference procurement and reference analysis.

  • Cosmetic, Agrochemical, Veterinary Product, and Medical Device development.

  • Pharmaceutical Serialization procedure development and implementation for laboratory produced chemical products and chemical libraries.

  • A Small Business Service Provider.